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Tharaka: Foodstuffs prices shoots up as drought bites


Chuka: Prices of grains and fruits have gone up in Tharaka Nithi County as drought continues to bite several parts of the county.

A kilogram of maize which was sold at Sh30 two months ago has risen to Sh50 while that of beans from Sh50 to Sh100.

Sellers in Chuka town said farmers have increased foodstuffs prices compelling them to increase the selling price.

Ms Lily Kawira said the profit she was making from her grocery business cannot sustain her needs.

“We have a lot of expenses including paying school fees for our children and providing for our families that our businesses cannot fully support,” said Ms Kawira adding that the drought had adversely affected their businesses because the few buyers visiting their premises were only buying two or three kilos.

Mr Muthoka Mbindi, a fruit vendor said there has been low production of fruits in the farms making farmers to sell them at high prices.

Egg seller Ms Halima Rashid noted that prices of eggs have gone up from Sh300 to Sh450 per tray because they have been relying on supply from Uganda which has stopped.

“Two months ago I would sell 100 trays every day but with the current situation, I am even struggling to sell 40 trays,” said Ms Rashid.

Lily Kawira selling green grams at Chuka town market on February 17, 2017. She said the profit she was making from her grocery business cannot sustain her needs because of the drought that has struck the county- Pic by Kenneth Marangu


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