Nakuru: Leaders call for peaceful co-existence

Kinuthia Mbugua


Nakuru Town: Local leaders not allow a repeat of the infamous tribal clashes that were witnessed in the County in previous election years.

Speaking in Molo during a voter sensitization drive yesterday, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said that peaceful co-existence must be embraced by all communities living in the county.

The governor cautioned against putting an ethnic tag on criminal activities saying that anyone found committing criminal activities was a criminal but not a member of a certain tribe.

Mbugua wondered why anyone found engaging in criminal activities has to be described by their tribe saying that such incidents give rise to tribal profiling.

He urged residents to desist from engaging in any activities that could affect peaceful co-existence.

He said that any differences between individuals should be resolved without pulling the tribal card and therefore charging people’s emotions.

The governor further added that differences between two individuals from different communities should not be construed as differences between communities.

Mbugua assured residents of Nakuru County that he would lobby for increased security presence as the elections approach to ensure that peace is maintained.

In his remarks, Molo MP Jacob Macharia said that leaders have a responsibility to preach peace and urged voters to reject any leaders who incite them to violence.

He said that no criminal activity should be justified regardless of who commits it and therefore a community should not turn against another simply because of a criminal act by one person.

He called on Molo residents to embrace peaceful co existence in order to foster growth and prosperity.

Molo and Kuresoi constituencies have had a fair share of tribal flare- ups in previous elections and leaders are keen to ensure that the experiences are not repeated this time around.

Kinuthia Mbugua

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