Laikipia: Residents appeal for help to get rid of snakes



Surgoi: Residents of Shalom Canaan settlement scheme in Suguroi, Laikipia County, have appealed for assistance to get rid of snakes which have invaded the area.

They say their rescue from the dangerous reptiles lies on the hands of National and Laikipia County governments and other stakeholders.

They claim that a cactus fence within the settlement scheme had become a habitat for the crawling creatures, which find their way into their houses and farms in search of water.
The residents were among the 2007/2008 post election Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from various parts of the country and were settled there by the national government six years ago.
The scheme’s vice chairman Mr. Michael Wainaina told KNA today that although the area is semi arid the snakes may have been attracted by the kitchen garden water ponds in the homesteads.

“The reptiles include pythons, puff adders among others types with different colours,’’ he added.

Christine Kaari said she has removed her pond’s water liner to keep the snakes away but this morning she found one outside her house.
“It is better to remove the water liners from the ponds instead of risking our lives,’’ Kaari added.

“I and my husband killed five black snakes as we prepared our farm for the March -August rainy season,” Margaret Wanjiru noted.
The water ponds have been constructed by Caritas, a Catholic diocese of Nyeri’s development entity, to help households grow vegetables for home consumption but now they have been rendered of no use.
Nairobi snakes park curator has committed to dispatch a team to the area to assist the community learn how to co-exist with the reptiles and catch some of them and teach brave locals on how to act when life is at risk.
However, according to Caritas project manager, Samuel Muchemi the exercise will involve some logistics which require funding.


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