Kiambu: Our water is clean and safe for drinking, says THIWASCO MD

THIWASCO MD Moses Kinya addressing the press.

By Kelvin Gikundi

Thika Water and Sewerage Company (THIWASCO) has refuted claims that the recent outbreak of the Rotavirus among children in Thika sub-county is caused by the water they are supplying.

The water company said that they got the news of the outbreak via social media after various schools in the area reported the incidences and rushing the children to respective hospitals.

According to the Managing Director Mr. Moses Kinya, the company’s water treatment team undertook an immediate operation to intensify a thorough check up of the water to ensure there were no bacteria in the water.

He said that they do a everyday treatment of water using various chemicals including Chlorine powder and gas which filters and gets rid of the visible and invisible bacteria using the standards set by the World Health Organization.

“We make sure that any water we release has been purified by treating for more than 30 minutes in our tanks and filters to ensure there are no bacteria in the water. The chemicals we sue are certified and recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO),” Kinya said.

Kinya, who spoke to the press from his office in Thika, said that they make sure that the water they release to their clients is treated, pure and safe for human consumption. He added that they have points where they collect samples for testing and thus do bacteriological analysis to ensure they monitor the water regularly.

The MD further explained that they did a fully intensive monitoring of the water during the whole period of the outbreak and has certified that the water is clean and safe for consumption. He called upon the residents of Thika to seek medical advice as the disease is not caused by their water.

“When we got the reports from social media and from our clients we made and intensive monitoring of our water. We treat it daily both day and night but we had to counter check and ensure there were no bacteria as it was being alleged,” he added.

He assured the clients that the water will be always cleansed and treated to prevent such occurrences which he says have never been reported before.

Kinya advised parents to ensure they maintain cleanliness and ensure their children don’t consume unhealthy food insisting on the need to wash hands regularly.

He also called on those consuming the borehole or water from the vendors to ensure they boil it before use as the water from vendors is not pure for consumption.

THIWASCO MD Moses Kinya addressing the press.


  1. I have always trusts Thika water since the day I visited THIWASCO water treatment plant. I know it’s safe and thats why I take it straight form the tap. Bravo THIWASCO

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