Kiambu: MPs against pay slash should resign – Youth Leader



Thika: Legislators who are not ready to have their pay slashed in line with recommendation of the Salaries and Remunerations Commission (SRC) should resign with immediate effect and give the electorate another opportunity of elect servant leaders.

Juja sub county youth leader Kennedy Gachuma Ndungu  said the  Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) came up with the formula of reducing public servants salaries as a way of reducing the burden on tax payers.

Speaking to KNA today, Gachuma pointed out that Kenyan legislators are among the highest paid in the world, and any attempt to arm-twist the Government to continue lining their already  stashed  wallets was a sign of greed and total disregard to those who voted them to parliament.

“The current crop of MPs should stop taking Kenyans for fools and support systems that have been put in place to support reducing the already overstretched wage bill. They went seeking for votes knowing very well what to expect as salaries, and they should therefore stop before we recall them,” he warned.

“It’s obscene for the legislators to start issuing threats against the SRC even before they are sworn in. They should know we gave them jobs to be our servants,” said Gachuma.

He explained that the SRC has been given the mandate to harmonize salaries of all public servants and as public servants; they should not consider themselves any special.

“Their argument that they deserve hefty perks because they give hand outs to their constituents is laughable and tantamount to encouraging the culture of begging.  They should create opportunities for wealth creation in their respective constituencies using the devolved funds but not encourage poverty by maintaining the status quo,” he said.

Gachuma lauded the President for vowing not to append his signature to the legislator’s demands saying that Kenyans will support him in that venture.




  1. hoping that Kenyans are watching the leaders they elected.. They should be held into account.Kenyans deserve to be treated with re
    spect by their elected leaders. Wanjiku hatakangi ujinga

  2. Yes Njeri, it is time we stopped voting SIX PIECE Suit because some of those people we elect end up disappointing us. I remember during Moi days, one Joseph Kamotho from Mathioya, in Muranga who was an ardent supporter of Moi and Kanu was said saying that even if a dog stood on FORD Asili ticket those days, he would have been elected. It was time when Kenneth Matiba was giving Kanu a hard time.

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